A blog?! Why?

A good question with no easy answer. Perhaps just for fun. Anyway, here we go – this is where I intend to publish my ideas and thoughts on parallel programing, but also keeping the world up to date on what our family is up to. Those posts are likely to be in Hungarian – my mother tongue – for obvious reasons. Sorry for that, but you can always turn to Google for a nice translation service 😉 .

So, who am I? My name is András Vajda (no, not the one with the amorous recollections 🙂 ). I’m from Transylvania, Romania, but without any known connections to vampires. I used to work for a big – the world’s biggest: Ericsson – telecom equipment company; I spear-headed Ericsson’s multi-core programming and cloud research; led several successful products such as cloud manager and security manager; established Ericsson as the key driver of OpenStack for NFV.  After publishing a book on the subject I moved on to virtualization, cloud, NFV and eventually security.

Most recently I started a new company with the goal to revolutionize regulatory compliance through the use of blockchain. Stay tuned, something awesome is coming soon!

On the personal side, I’m married – my wife is a climate scientist – and we have a daughter born in January 2008 as well as a son born in 2013.  But you’ll be able to read more about them in the posts.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments whenever you feel so.

Just a disclaimer: this is not a company blog and the views expressed here are mine and only mine it may not reflect my previous or current employer’s official position.