Reflections after MCC

Last week I attended the Swedish Multicore Workshop in Uppsala, now in its second edition. It was a strangely good feeling being there and watching a “baby” growing to a significant event with 100+ attendees, after serving as its babysitter (read: program committee member) during the past two years.

I also had the honour of giving a key-note talk on our company’s views on the challenge of multicore. I built my whole presentation around two ideas: that economics are inevitably kicking in and slowing down the march of Moore’s law (see this post for more details) and the need for efficiency, portability and processing capabilities well beyond Moore’s law – all at the same time.

This, obviously, is an impossible challenge or at least a challenge that cannot be solved by step-wise improvements. This was, of course, the core of the message: the industry needs radical thinking from researchers, we need new ways to construct and execute software, at a scale that dwarfs anything we do today. Mobile broadband is set to explode worldwide and the computational challenge it’s posing is probably beyond the challenge Google or any other Web 2.0 companies are facing. Based on the feedback afterwards, our research colleagues seem to have got the point. Actually delivering the needed solutions is another thing…

All in all, it was a succesful event and I left impressed with the progress the UPMARC researchers are making.

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