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On cloud computing and networking, again

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I’ve  just returned from a few weeks of vacation so I guess it’s time to start blogging again 😉

There were two pieces of news over July that I would like to highlight here: the announcement by Amazon that they will start providing Cluster Compute Instances, targetting high-performance computing and the release of the Scope Alliance newsletter, with further details on the cloud computing workshop (and a small interview with me 😉 ).

What makes the Amazon announcement of particular interest is the following feature (quoute from their press release): “customers can also group Cluster Compute Instances into clusters allowing applications to get the low-latency network performance required for tightly coupled, node-to-node communication”. It is exactly the issue we’ve been highlighting recently: networking (besides security) is the ultimate roadblock for cloud computing uptake and it’s an impediment that makes the promise of completely opaque computing infrastructure hard to fulfill. It’s good to see that Amazon came to the same conclusion and chose essentially the same, constraint based approach that I also advocated as the most promising approach.

Regarding the Scope Alliance newsletter, I wanted to highlight here since it gives a bit more insight into what was presented at their cloud computing in telecom workshop (the full material is under non-disclosure agreement and available to members only, hence I can’t share it here). Again, the cost of networking, security and management of quality of service through service level agreements and automatic enforcement of these were the main topics I’ve highlighted.

Stay tuned, I’ll return to some of these issues during the autumn. Till then, enjoy the summer 🙂 .